The Vacuum Cleaner Museum – Make Your Visit

Vacuum cleaners are a common household appliance that can be found in most any home. And why not? They make it simple and easy to keep all of the floors inside of your home clean and dirt and debris free, saving time, energy and hassle. They’ve long been a part of the world and the way that we clean, with the first vacuum introduced more than 100 years ago. Vacuums have certainly come a long way in this time, and if you are someone interested in learning about the history of the vacuum and even seeing some of the first models that were made, a visit to the Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory Outlet in St. James, MO is the place that you need to go.

Located in a small town, the museum and factory outlet enables you to explore vacuum cleaners like you never have before. There are magnificent displays that you can look at, as well as a ton of information about vacuums past and present. And of course when the fun is all said and done, a trip on over to the factory outlet will enable you to purchase your vacuum cleaner while you’re there.

The Vacuum Cleaner Museum and Factory outlet hold an impressive collection of more than 600 vacuum cleaners. All of these vacuums are still working and in pristine condition. Tom Gasko, the museum’s curator, is happy to demonstrate any of the vacuum cleaners that are interesting to you.

Inside of the museum you can find a wide variety of dyson vacuum that date back to the early 1900s. You will find a ton of different brands of cleaners, as well as models as well. Inside of the museum you can find vacuum cleaners from the rich and famous, as well as those unusual and unlikely cleaners from today and yesterday. The impressive collection enables those with an interest in vacuum cleaners to learn so much more than what they ever thought possible.

Even more reason to visit the museum –it is free! You can visit the museum any day of the week and enjoy free admission. What better way to spend the day in St. James than at the vacuum cleaner museum learning more about these awesome household cleaners that we all love so very much? Chances are you won’t think of anything else better to do! Do not miss out on the opportunity to see everything about vacuums inside of this museum.